Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care 

  • It is ideal that your jewelry should be taken off when you get home. 

  • Storing sterling silver in an airtight plastic bag will slow down the tarnishing process.

  • To clean oxidized jewelry, simply use soap and warm water with an old toothbrush. A polishing cloth will remove the finish.

  • If a bright piece has tarnished you can purchase a product called Tarnex (found at your local grocery store), pour a small amount in a non-food container, swish or dip the piece momentarily, and then remove and rinse. The product can then be returned to the bottle. 


  • I guarantee my work, if your piece needs a repair from normal wear and tear in the first 6 months I would be happy to do so for free. Thereafter, repairs will be $10 - $25 depending plus shipping. Otherwise, please contact me if your jewelry is in need of repair.

  • Any steel pieces should not be worn in water. If the finish on a steel piece has begun to erode and the steel is rusting, please contact me and I will refinish your piece for $10 plus shipping.