Leia attended her first metalsmithing and jewelry making course as a teen. While earning her first Fine Arts degree in jewelry, she began a 6 year apprenticeship working with a local jewelry maker, She continued onto earn a Masters in Jewelry. Since then, she has studied with Master stone setters and engravers to broaden her knowledge and techniques. All of her pieces start with the hand, hammering, piercing, texturing, sawing, graving, they all bring her raw yet refined pieces into being. Leia grew up in the lushly wooded hills of Missouri and the big skied desert of Arizona, both greatly influencing her draw to the natural world.


My work draws inspirations from the botanical and celestial. Seed & vine, Stars & moon. I love to collect interesting bits from a walk, I am constantly surprised and awe struck by the strange things that grow on this planet we inhabit. The shapes, textures, and patterns they revealed upon close inspection of our environment are inspiring. I translate those into my work creating wearable sculptures, drawing from these awe inspiring moments in natural discovery. I like to think of the ensuing jewelry created as talismans- to our planet and its wonders, to the moments of excitement and discovery in our lives, and to imagination and play.