Leia Zumbro

Simply put, my work is inspired by nature. I love to take walks and collect interesting bits, I am constantly surprised and awe struck by the strange things that grow on this planet we inhabit.  How ordinary these things are but also how wonderful. The shapes, textures, and patterns they reveal are inspiring. I translate those into my work creating playful wearables drawing from these awe inspiring moments in natural discovery. I like to think of the ensuing jewelry created as talismans- to our planet and its wonders, to the moments of excitement and discovery in our lives, and to imagination and play. 


Ethics & Environment

Equality and inclusion. Space and love for all. 

Leia Zumbro jewelry believes the pursuit of beauty should never come at a cost to others, which is why we are committed to equality & environmentalism. We are constantly learning and striving to do better and be a better business. 

Leia Zumbro Jewelry strives to be environmentally friendly. All metals are 100% recycled. Packaging is recycled and recyclable. I choose conflict free stone sources and and recycled stones. Studio chemicals are kept to a minimum and the most natural solution is chosen. All pieces are hand made by her in her St. Louis studio & storefront.