How to Curate Your Ear Piercings

How to Curate Your Ear Piercings


 Curating your piercings refers to planning multiple ear piercings to complement each other visually. The planning process is similar to the art of home décor. You pick a couple of pieces that go together, lift each other up, and enhance the beauty of the room at large (aka your ear!) 

Tips to Curate Your Ear Piercings Effectively

To make sure that the result of your curated ears exceeds your best expectations and your ears are healed timely and adequately, make sure to adhere to the following tips:

Match Piercings to Your Ear

When curating your piercings, it is important to plan based on your ear shape and size. Since every ear is unique, so would be every curated ear piercing. It's great to look for inspiration around you or on the web. However, it's best not to expect to replicate an actual piercing exactly as it might not suite your ear shape. 

One way to plan your ear piercing is by printing out your ear's picture and sketching on it. This way, you can see what kind of piercings would best compliment the distinctive shape of your ear. A good piercer can always advise on something beautiful, based on your ear anatomy, so don’t be afraid to ask!


You Can Pick A Theme If You Want!

Picking a theme is not a must when it comes to curated ears, but you should know that it's an option if you want it. If there's something you feel strongly about, such as constellations, locks and keys, or even harry potter, you can easily incorporate it in your curated ears. You can also follow a color theme using stones or going all-metal, which in itself is a theme. Picking a theme makes it easier to choose jewelry that compliments each other.   

Start Easy

Now that you have a complete plan of your curated ears, it's time that you move towards the actual piercings. However, there are things to take into consideration here. First things first, never get more than three piercings at a time. This allows the piercings to heal quickly and effectively. If you have no piercings at all, then begin with the lobe piercings as they are the most painless ones, and heal quickly. 

Prevent Your Ear from Looking Overcrowded

They are your ears, and you can choose whatever look you want. However, it's best to start with less and make sure there is enough spacing between piercings to create a balanced and clean look. There are numerous ear shapes and anatomy, and different styles look good on different ears. Perhaps a crowded piercing would suit your features, but there's also a chance it would not. Hence, start with less, and once you are sure more would look good on you, go for it.    

As a rule of thumb, follow the 2:3 ratio. If there are two lobe piercings, then go for three top ear piercings, or vice versa. Keep the largest hoops or longest earrings in the standard lobe piercing. You can then arrange hoops and smaller studs in the upper piercings.

Get Lobe Piercings if You Are Nervous About the Cartilage

Curated ears do not necessarily need to involve cartilage puncturing, especially if you are nervous about it. If you are excited for a new look, a tiny sparkly stud (or two) right above your existing lobe piercing will bring just as much charm. It is also a great way to balance a prior misplaced piercing. Wear a hoop in the lowest lobe piercing and small studs in the above to prevent overcrowding and balance the look.  

Choosing the Jewelry

The trick is to choose pieces that balance each other out. If you are going for metals, choose one that complements your skin tone. You can mix hoops and studs together to create a balance, or you can go for all hoops or all studs. You can also follow a size theme by inserting the biggest one in the lower lobe.